Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I loved the movie "Holes". It was a good story and a fun movie. At this moment we are dealing with a huge "hole" in our lives and wondering what it will be filled with. It seems in life that when a hole is created there is something that is going to come along to fill it. With my daughter's family moving to Hondurus we are all left looking at each other and asking, "what now?"

Hubby and I are relatively quiet people, o.k. downright boring. So my sixteen year old has learned to make her own fun, usually good, sometimes not so good as teens can be. The six year old has just resigned herself to living with old people. The other day when she complained about her teacher screaming at her in the lunch room about running I talked to her. I reminded her that the only reason she goes to school is for fun. She does her learning at home with mom. I reminded her that if it was no longer fun she was welcome to stay home. I asked her "is it still funner than staying home with mom and dad?" She just looked at me and said "yes!"

That tells you how boring we are. She would rather tolerate being embarrassed by her teacher yelling at her than staying home with us. In fact our highlight of the week is the days when the family comes over to visit. Everyone comes to life. First of all to put everything out of reach of the short ones, and then to clean up after them.

I can guarantee you that I would rather clean up all the messes in the world rather than see this family of ours move to another country 15 hrs. away on the bus! When my daughter asked what we were going to do tonight I suggest all of us just sitting around crying. They all said "how about pizza and movie night?" I guess that would be a much more pleasant way to spend our last night together.

Separation sucks! Our family has had more than their share and it never gets any easier, that is for sure. I just hope that someday I will be able to handle it more gracefully. Guess I will just keep getting opportunities to learn the grace I lack in handling the holes in my life that come up. That and of course wait to see the huge hole fuller coming up in our lives!

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