Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am a big baby about separation. Maybe better to just admit that I have some attachment disorder issues myself. When I was studying about our adoption I read a book about attachment disorder. Low and behold I found myself very much identifying with the book. My father died when I was six, and I believe that was the moment that transformed my life. At any rate that is my excuse and I am sticking with it:) As a side note no kid should ever go through the death of a parent without some sort of counseling!

One thing I have lived long enough to realize is that the intense feelings of missing a person only last a few months. That is my consolation with my daughter and her family that just left on Wed. O.K. like I said I am wimpy! I have a hard hat that my grandson always wore under my night stand. He left it here last time he played here and I will not pick it up and move it, too many happy memories. I also told the family I would not be making any cookies until I saw my daughter again. They were a bit sad about that, but knew better than to try and talk me out of it. I mean after all I got dreadlocks the last time a kid left.

In my closet on my undie shelf is a picture of my granddaughter. I see it every time that I have to get something out of my closet. I do wish she was smiling, but the picture is sheer her! Today I was watering the garden and was reminded of last week when I was watering and baby boy started running back and forth in front of the hose. This pic is of him after a few runs through the water. He is a hoot and I can only imagine that he is giving his "other Grandma" fits. I do hope he warms up to her and will even go to her.

In the meantime I am planning our trip to Hondurus. I should be able to make it until Sept. or Oct. then we will be headed out on the bus for the road trip.

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