Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Look

After one and a half years pink, I made the change to blue. I'm not too sure why, just felt like it. We have been so busy teaching and working that we are just ready to take a couple of weeks off and try to get everything else caught up. I did manage to plant some spinach in the back yard so that we can use them for our green drinks. We are enjoying our green drinks and I will record a video of our wonderful green drinks. We used to drink them all the time but got a bit lazy. We are back in the saddle!

We have also been cutting out the red meat and cutting back on the chicken. So hard to find healthy meat around here, easier to do without. WE still have our fresh milk and eggs and tons of produce, so we will keep on eating that. Also still working on the granola. The molasses I am using is awful strong and I will try honey in the next batch.

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