Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dreaddys

This month marks one year that I have had my dreadies! I spent the first half of the year hating them and now am loving them. My mother would not understand that, but I do love them. I really love the way they are turning blond, didn't expect that for sure.

When I got my dreads I did the rip and tear method. Well I did not do them, some crazy guy downtown did them for me. It hurt really bad and I wanted to jump up and run a couple of times, but I stuck in there and now they are dreaded up and happy.

There are many different methods of dreading, but I have researched and found that the rip and tear is the best for the longest lasting, healthiest dreads, which is what I wanted. I originally planned to keep them as long as Micah is in jail. Now that they are behaving I have grown quite attached to them.

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