Monday, March 29, 2010

School Visitor

We don't often get visitors to our school, so today was a treat. We had a person who actually lives here in CR come by for a visit and to check out the program that we offer. It was great to visit her, and turns out her fiance is friends with an alumni of the school. Small country like we always say.

When we set out to open our massage school we never dreamed we would get so many students from CR. In fact our current student is planning on staying around for a while after she finishes classes in the next couple of weeks. Smart girl.

After spending the weekend at the beach we had to turn in the rental car today. You know it sure was convenient to have a car over the weekend. Dollar Rental Cars will rip you off though, so make sure you read the fine print. It is funny because we read all these blogs people have about getting ripped off and low and behold it does happen.

Of course hubby wrote letters and complained, but it pretty much fell on deaf ears. So frustrating to live here sometimes. And this weekend we both decided it is about time to buy a car. Even if it is a little car like the Suzuki we rented it makes life so much simpler. I guess we will just have to get about 10 more students and then we can make that happen.

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