Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working and Working Out

I really admire women who work and work out. It is not easy to try and fit it all in. Now that I am down to three kids at home and only working a few hours a day, I still have trouble budgeting my time! How did I ever train for triathlons when I had six kids at home, homeschooling and working part-time? Not too sure, except to say I truly worked out to relax!

I have been working out in the mornings, but am now teaching in the mornings. I refuse to wake up before six and really don't want to work out in the dark anyway. So I end up running on Mon. Wed. and Fri. after I drop baby off at work. In Costa Rica they go three mornings and on the other two days they go in the afternoon. So on those days I drop her off and swim.

The biggest problem I have is not getting diverted into other things on my swim days. In the old days I swam at five thirty in the morning, so it was over and forgotten before we even had breakfast. I also had to take naps on swim days. Now I am trying to figure out where I am going to fit the bike time. How am I getting less time as my kids grow up and leave rather than more time? That is something to puzzle over for sure.

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