Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How the heck can I have a 29 year old kid? I am just really puzzling about that one in my head right now. I mean come on I ran 25 miles last week and will do 28 this week, aren't I supposed to be in a rocker or something at this phase? I guess it is more fun to keep up with them, than to just watch them.

I just hope my son has a good birthday and I'm sorry I missed it. He was very excited to sleep in, as the family were out working and his father in law called at six thirty to wish him a happy birthday before he went to work! This is a guy who works sixty hours a week and seldom gets a day off, much less a chance to sleep in.

I still remember the night he was born, in fact it is about fifteen minutes before the time he was born right now. I was in hard labor for 24 hours after my waters broke at the theater. Hubby was in the army and we had gone to the movies on base. My mother and older brother were there with us. It was hot as hadees in San Antonio that summer, in fact they made t-shirts that said "I survived the heat wave of 1980" That is hot.

After standing out front waiting for the theater to open, after a great Mexican food dinner, we went into the air conditioning and sat down. Before movies at the base theaters they play the National Anthem and you have to stand up, of course. So I stood up and my waters broke everywhere. I was so glad it was dark. I told my family what happened and they asked what I wanted to do. I said that I wanted to stay and watch the movie. It was "Coal Miners Daughter", good movie by the way.

Fast forward, or I should say slow forward to 24 hours when the little bugger was finally dragged out by the head with forceps. He was posterior, so it was a very long painful birth. Third degree tears and I felt all beat up. Here I was 18 years old and scared to death. The funny part was my mom was with me and she was five months pg!

It took me about five minutes to decide it was all worth it and to fall in love with my little blue cone head. I thought he was beautiful. You can see by the picture how big his head is, and that it is a little pointed to this day!

The amazing thing is that I went on to have five more, only getting smart on number seven and adopting!

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