Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I call swine flu r2d2 because I can't remember the new name for it. But personally I think it is getting a little ridiculous. Now they are planning on closing schools for a longer period of time. I guess it is good we homeschool, but the whole baby dancing thing this week is blown for sure.

Now the teenager just had her church activity canceled for the swimming pool tomorrow. She is very disappointed. I guess they told her they are actually sending people home early from church now.

The worst part? They may start canceling soccer games :(, now that is a bummer.Maybe if we all agree not to breathe on each other they will let us go to the movies and watch games? Maybe if we show them none of us are pg. or have compromised immune systems they will let us to out?

Or maybe not and we will all have to suffer. After studying the lymph system the last couple of days and the immune system I can say that it is up to us to keep our own healthy. No one else can keep your immune system healthy, but there are many things that you can do to stay healthy. We have studies dry scrubs, salt glows tomorrow, as well as yoga moves all to pick up your immune system.

I would surely encourage one and all to work on strengthening your system and staying healthy, and being responsible for your health!

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