Saturday, July 25, 2009


Every ninety days we are off on another adventure. Since we live in Costa Rica as perpetual tourists we have to be tourists. That means every ninety days out of the country and get the passports stamped and stay out for 72 hours. It could be a hassle but we kind of look forward to it.

We have been to Panama in Bocus del Torro, as well as Nicarauga. We prefer Nicarauga because it is much easier to get to and cheaper. We have stayed in Massaya, as well as many times in San Jaun del Sur. Our all time favorite is San Jaun. Sleepy little beachside town.

We have been thinking it is about time for a trip to Florida. We have not been there, except on lay-overs flying to the states. We would love to do a Disney World trip, but are saving that one for the marathon there next year. In researching places to stay in Florida I found Fort Myer beach vacation rentals. The prices are amazing and we could stay for a whole week. The amazing part is there are rooms cheaper than the ones we stay in in Nicarauga, weird ha?

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