Thursday, July 23, 2009


When we had our 'Family Night' this week we talked about pioneers. It took a few stories and pictures to explain it to baby, but she finally caught on. She really got into it and we decided to celebrate. The problem came when her really spacey mom got her days mixed up and thought today was the 24th. Oops, rather than make her really sad we just celebrated a day early, not like anyone could tell her different!

She got up early and put on her one and only long dress, had me braid her hair and ate two bowls of "pioneer porridge, oatmeal". The off part was the visit to the dentist, but hey better than just pulling them all.

We had read a story about a little girl her age who only got to take two items when they walked across the plains, and chose her dolly and quilt. So all day she carried around her dolly and blanket. When her niece came over to play she had her long skirt on and brought her dolly. They had fun playing all day.

Usually baby is pretty mellow and laid back. After she got her tooth pulled today and a cap put on the dentist said she was supposed to rest and take it easy. It was the most active and hyper I have ever seen her!

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