Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have had fun reading everyones' blogs about their family vacations. It certainly brings back many memories of our family vacations. Since moving to Costa Rica we seem to take them quite frequently, but they are still fun and memorable. The above picture is at Samara beach last October. That was a fun trip. Not necessarily a vacation, but a nice sight seeing trip.
The definate most memorable trips were the ones we planned with the kids and worked and saved for. One year we took the youngest two to Disney Land. That took lots of planning and saving, but was a blast for all. Another year we went to Yellowstone Park. Because we were camping that one took a little extra planning and saving.
One of the favorites was a trip to Hawaii with two of the youngest kids. We spent a week on the big island and it was a great trip. The thing with that one was again the money saving. We saved and joined a vacation club thing that helped.
We have also used our income tax refunds for trips. The problem here is these aren't happening anymore because all our deductions grew up and left home! Also because we don't make any money, which sure makes it easier at tax time to be sure!
Another idea is to use credit counseling and use their help.My advice as an old timer? Take vacations the memories are all you have once those little deductions grow up and go out on their own, that and the pictures of course!

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