Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have one very disappointed daughter! Today the salud here in Costa Rica decided to extend the two week vacation another week. The reason? Trying to stop the spread of Swine Flu! Even though the sixth person just died, and no kids have died, nor have any healthy people.

She was scheduled to do her Costa Rica dance next week at the theme park. Like I said she is one very disappointed girl. Plus the fact that her teacher was on vacation the week before the two week vacation, that makes a month of one very bored girl.

I guess I could schedule a dentist appointment to break up things for her a little bit! Maybe just a picnic at the park. Her dad is teaching her to play chess, and that is adding a little excitement for her.

When the older kids were young and we were homeschooling Rick started a chess club for homeschoolers. One of our boys really took off and actually entered some contests. He was watching his little sister playing chess this morning and asked if we thought she would be good because she was Asian. I reminded him he is not Asian and he was a pretty darn good little chess player.

The problem is just getting her to stop giggling and pay attention to dad teaching her.

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