Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have a baby that gets seriously nervous about her dentist appointments. She has good reason to as she has had lots of pain in the dentist chair. Today she had an appointment with her pediatric dentist here in Costa Rica.

We finally talked her down enough to get her there, with promises of lots of treats and happy times. We got to the dentist office and waited and waited and waited. Finally the secretary called the dentist and found she was not even close.

We told her forget it we would reschedule and take care of it later. They were very apologetic and hopefully we will be able to reschedule. When we were walking home the first words were "now I get my treat".

It took a few minutes to explain to her that no appointment no treat. You don't get treats for apprehension. I was pretty frustrated and was glad to hear from the dentist and get an apology as she was out on an emergency. It is good to see that costumer service is becoming more of a priority here. Now we will have to get another appointment and do the whole phych thing going again!

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