Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Man oh man do I hate earthquakes! The first earthquake I had the privilege of being part of was when I was a kid in California, of course. It was early in the morning and I thought my older brother was shaking my bed. I woke up and looked around the bed and figured out it was not him. Then I heard talking and headed into the hall, where my mom was telling us to stand in the doorways. I was pretty scared.

We have had a few small tremors since moving to Costa Rica, but the biggie came in January. Me and the girls were laying in my bed talking and the girlies were running around playing. Suddenly everything was rocking and rolling and I freaked out. I was unfortunately not calm and yelled at everyone to get in the doorways. We did have a quick moment of worry for Jeo who was working out on the front porch.

Hubby was at the airport and said everyone freaked out around him. He had just been told his flight did not have room for him and if he had been thinking quickly he would have told them, "that is what happens when you don't get me on my flight". But instead he just stood and watched everyone running around the airport screaming.

So when I see all the earthquakes going around us I feel for these people. How scary to be not only part of a earthquake, but then on top of it you have the tsunami that follows. I have had a prayer in my heart all day for the people of Samoa as well as Indonesia. What a horrible time for these people.

Our power went out for a short time tonight and I realized that we are the most unprepared Mormons I know! I mean I could not even find a candle. I have been part of these earthquakes and still I am not prepared for anything. Something to work on along with my garden!

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