Thursday, December 3, 2009


Woo hoo we got to drive around in a real live car today! The bad news is after riding in the downtown traffic to Escazu to visit the big mall, and driving home, I have had enough driving to last me a couple of years.

The roads in Costa Rica are barely wide enough for two cars, and the people try to drive three wide on them so it is crazy. I never realize how crazy the folks here drive when I am on the bus or in Taxis since I am not the one worrying about getting hit.

When we moved here we made a decision not to have a car. Some days that turns out to be a big fat mistake. But I have to admit most days I love not having the headache of breakdowns, tires, oil changes, etc to deal with.

When we want to go someplace we just call a Taxi and away we go. Now we have to babysit our car for the next few days and make sure it is kept safe and does not get ripped off or damaged. The joys of wheels!

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