Monday, December 14, 2009

Wendys, are you freakin kidding me?

Today was the day to get the Christmas shopping done. Got it all done in one fell swoop at the Universal store, think Walmart. We actually had to go check out the new Wendys that just opened before shopping. Hubby commented, "I guess there is no reason to return to the states now, they have it all here in Costa Rica." I guess that lengthens our five year plan a little bit.

It is a little strange to go Christmas shopping in shorts and a t-shirt, not complaining just totally enjoying. Tomorrow is graham cracker gingerbread house day. We are trying to get the kids well and enjoy the holiday season. For sure have to fit in a pool day this week as the weather has been perfect.

The fireworks have begun and will continue until after New Years. Every night and tons on the weekends. I think we will go for a few this year, just an excuse to let the pyro in all of us out for a little bit.

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