Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Visiting Teaching

For church we are each assigned two or three ladies from church to visit and keep an eye out for. It is a great system, when it works. I read an article on a blog about how Mormons are great at circling their wagons. That is the truth and that is the purpose behind visiting teaching. If you visit these sisters you know when something is not going well and they need help. A new baby, sick kids, family tragedies and sometimes just a bit of depression or something like that is great reasons for wagons to circle.

I have had the wagons circle for our family and will be forever grateful for those who helped. After baby six I had an abdominal catastrophe that called for two weeks in the hospital after baby, and about four weeks of bed rest. The ladies from church, as well as friends from the Post Office brought in meals for six weeks. That is a long time to get people to cook for a family of eight! They were awesome meals too.

This month I was determined to visit the three women assigned to me and a friend. She speaks a little English and they speak none, nada! I spent the last three days baking bread and cookies and fudge to pack up for them. I sent my daughter with the goodies and let her explain to them, her Spanish is much better than mine.

One of the ladies sent home a gift for our family. A little loaf of fruit cake, drenched in rum. Yup that's right a rum cake to our Mormon family from their Mormon family LOL!!!

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