Thursday, December 31, 2009


We just took down the Christmas decorations in record time. There are some years you are just a little too anxious to see depart. This would be one of them. You would think that being an ox I would have enjoyed the past year of the ox. But I have to admit working so hard at tasks that seem to have no production gets very frustrating.

In reflecting on why I feel so exhausted by 09 I have decided it is all my mind set. I have got to be more positive. Reading over old journals did not help either. I think sometimes that I have PTss from the child bearing years of having, nursing and homeschooling kids for 15 years, with no outside input or stimulation.

At any rate I digress into the past and not just the past year. The past year was fun on one level. I had a great, very awareness promoting trip to my moms house. Note to self four weeks is too long to be away from home. I enjoyed working at massage again and realized that I still love massage and look forward to sharing it with many more students.

I also got to be at Micah's last update hearing and hear his sentence with his plea read. I also got to tell the victims family that I was sorry for their loss. I am and that was a good thing for me to be able to tell them that.

I also got to visit my brother in Texas and his girls and meet his new woman. That was fun and I am really thankful for so many brothers. I don't get to talk to them much and see them even less, but they are a great influence in my life. And they are also a great motivator.

It has been great to see my older kids start making life decisions and get the ball rolling in their direction. My oldest is a changed person, as well as his family and I have sure enjoyed watching their growth. Bekah is awesome and has completed two years of college, worked full-time and taken care of the two kiddos. Jesse finally got the web site up and is doing more art work. Jake is figuring things out, and I am thankful to have one of my boys here with me. Hannah is doing so much growing up and learning, just wish I had a box to put her in to keep it a little safer while she grows up. Baby is getting ready for kinder and learning to read, too fun.

All in all I guess it really has been a great year once I see it in writing. We have had some awesome students, hubby returned to school to finish his degree and I have a garden growing in leaps and bounds.

Man the longer I write the more thankful and happy I feel about 09, I guess there is some merit to writing things down. Now if we can all survive the year of the tiger, which is upheavel and movement, we will be thrilled. Happy New Year all!

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