Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things I Was Not Supposed to Have to Do.....

As a Mormon mom I just assumed there were things I would never have to do. Like for some reason I thought my kids would be smarter than other kids and not make the same stupid mistakes and therefore I would not have to do certain things.

There are not any guarantees in this life. In other words just because you have FHE every single week, and read your scriptures every single day as a family, and pray together twice a day or more, still there are no guarantees!

Your family will still be tried, tempted and thrown to the wolves. The best news though? Jesus died for us and we can repent. When I think about that I just shake my head and know there is hope for all of us, not just wayward children, but all of us. Their mistakes are much more evident but they don't necessarily make any more than the rest of us, just more visible.

In the meantime I will be thankful for them and keep on praying!

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Marmee said...

I'm with you on that one Sister! The hardest part is the judgement that we receive from the clueless set. Hang tough!