Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthday Bash

I love birthdays! I keep wondering when I will quit liking my birthdays so much, but so far for the last 48 they just keep getting better and better. I got great gifts this year, that were much needed,(except maybe the pipe, which will be awhile). The rest were much needed.

My family put together a great feast of mexican food as well as a wonderfully sinful earthquake cake. I felt like the python that ate the pig before the night was over to be sure.

The only bad part of the whole night was that my son who is 21 and should know better, beat me at scrabble! He should know that you don't beat people at their favorite game, especially on their birthday. Ah I guess I will survive. I am trying to get him to do a rematch and he refuses until next year

I guess I better explain the picture. It just happens to be the only picture taken on the big day, but was a joke. Because I have dreadlocks people always assume that I must smoke pot. I do not smoke pot! I have dreads because Micah always wanted them, can't have them so I am his proxy for the dreads. Once he is free and can get his own mine may or may not come off.

I will do a different post on the true history of dreads and why the rastafarians are actually mistaken about where and why they came about. Anyhoo as a joke one of my comedian kids decided it would be funny to buy this little pipe and give it to me on my birthday! I have to admit I was shocked and they got that on video, but this pic says it all, pretty funny!

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