Sunday, December 13, 2009

Join Me For A Run in Costa Rica

This is the first street I begin running on. It is around the corner from our house. the people on the left actually have horses and chickens in their yard that Benji gets a kick out of watching.

This is the main road going into San Rafael. You can see the beautiful mountains in the background of Monte de la Cruz.

I had to get a picture of public enemy numero uno on this street. Yes it is in fact the bus. They get extra points if they take out Gringos. On the left is the internet cafe we used to spend many hours at until we got internet at home.

It does not look like it but this is one of the toughest hills we climb. I think just because it is so soon into the run. At any rate it is also a very narrow road making for some fancy footwork at times.

Ah, fan club alley. Here in front of the ferreteria, or hardware store is where all the toothless old guys hang out all day. It just makes their day when we run by and they get a little eye candy to make the day a little brighter. We did make a decision early on that all fans would be kept at arms length!!!

This is the road to Getsemene. We lived up there for the first ten months after we moved to Costa Rica. It is beautiful, but man the hill is a killer.

On your left is the best place to stop for Power Aid. We made it a point to stop here when we do the loop more than twice. Gotta refuel on something that long. This particular loop is over five miles by the way.

This is our "resting place".

This would be for sure the hardest road of all times to try and cross safely, without peeing all over yourself and trying not to get hit, all at the same time.

They just about got away from me, but there were some mighty fine looking cyclists, on some mighty fine bikes up ahead. They were just lots faster than me.

Here we circle up around the back of our neighborhood, and it is sorely tempting at this point to call it good and head home. But no we do not we persevere.

This is heartbreak hill. Or just we try and get up it as gracefully as possible without dying. Or just walk.

At this particular blind curve Bekah saw her life flash before her eyes. That is what happens when a car comes squealing around the corner and realizes him, you and the car coming from the other direction are not all going to fit on the road. Guess who gets voted off? I dove she just kept going and lived to see another day.

Could not pass up this shot of the view off to the right. I think this is what Rebekah was watching, because she sure was not watching for cars.

By looking at this pothole you may get a good idea of why the cars cannot decide whether to hit us or hit the hole, hard one.

This shot of the view from this road is just a great way to explain why we risk life and limb to run here, beautiful.

Here we are in the "guarded neighborhood". See the guy in the blue shirt sitting on the bench chatting with the neighbor and reading the paper? Yeah that is the guard, good thing they pay him to watch their houses ha?

No I don't think this road was blown up by a land mine. I do think last January's earthquake did lots of damage on our roads though. The good news? No traffic on this road.

On the last curve it is a little scary to guess if me, and both cars are going to fit on the road at the same time.

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