Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Storms Back Home

Flagstaff is getting slammed! They are up to 20" and counting. Times like these I am really thankful for my sunburn and broken out lips here in Costa Rica. Went on a nice warm run this morning in shorts and tank and had a great day in school.

Tomorrow we will be doing coffee scrubs in lieu of salt glows since our student has already had salt glows and never had coffee scrubs. And in Costa Rica you should certainly be doing a coffee scrub.

We don't drink coffee, but supposedly it is great for your circulation, and even gets rid of cellulite, we will see tomorrow. I invited Bekah over to try it out with us, the more the merrier and that way we can have more people to check it out on.

Off to fight the mosquitoes and try to get some sleep.

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