Friday, December 18, 2009

Kinder Graduation

And did I mention that Ticos love to celebrate any and everything? And that they can drag said celebration on for hours at a time? For example look at babies kinder graduation, yes kinder. Be there at nine thirty sharp. Oh yeah and then wait 45 minutes to get in. Not to mention waiting in the very hot sun. Oh sorry all of you being buried in snow and freezing to death up north.

After finally being let in we wait another thirty minutes for all the kids to line up. Then they come out two by two and have their names read while they parade up the aisle. I had to laugh because I did not think baby would hold a boys hand and I was right, she came out first with the teacher between them. The guy reading the names read her two very simple names and added the little boy with her first name, poor girl just did not have enough names.

Finally after two and a half hours we were done with the big day and off to the ice cream store for a ice cream to celebrate the happy day. Of course tonight is the sleep over with niece to watch Frosty, eat popcorn and hot chocolate.

The worst thing about the whole deal was I was ready to cry the whole darn time! For those of you who know my older children you will understand why I weep to see babies grow up.

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Rebekah Inestroza said...

wow that's really nice! whats wrong with the older children?