Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gross Post

If you are not into cleansing, you will not find this at all interesting. I decided it was time to do a cleanse after the holidays. I have not done a cleanse since 13 years ago, so maybe time. Then again maybe not. I felt sure I would have all kinds of crazy crap, no pun intended, cleaning out of me.

Well today is day four and I am very disappointed and ready to eat. I really don't care about eating, but if I am just cleaning out the water I am drinking I am getting frustrated. I will give it seven days and see how it goes.

Last time I did this I just consumed mass quantities of different juices and some herbal tea. After day three I had to start doing enemas to make sure you clean out while you are not eating food. This cleanse is called the master cleanse and involves drinking lemon juice, with water and maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Yeah gross. Then you do a salt water flush in the evening, which is two teaspoons of salt with a quart of water, yuck. Then of course there is the laxative tea in the evening before bed. Yeah it is fun.

The bad news like I said is no results. I have not had like worms and mucus and all the gross things I read about on the internet????? I will keep you posted on that one maybe it will get more interesting.

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Marmee said...

Robbie, I think you eat healthy enough that a cleanse is not necessary.