Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pain in the Back

Here we go again, the old lady shuffle for a few days and whining until everyone wants to have me move out, or take a lot of pain pills and shut up. In fact the pain grabbed me in the middle of the night last night, crawled over baby to get to hubby, screaming and cussing all the way to get him to make it stop. Don't really know what the heck he was going to do to make the pain go away and didn't really care, just wanted it to stop.

It kind of reminded me of my first wonderful birth. I had read "Spiritual Midwifery" and all those good books and had a great midwife. After about 24 hours of back labor went into the wonderful hospital at Ft.Sam Houston and had everything done to me and baby that I had read was awful. From the pain killers that knocked me out, but just between contractions, to the forceps, shave and trying to put him on the bottle.

I was a little onry even back then and just ignored them on most things. The fact that Seth was posterior and I was only 18 did not seem to help the awful situation. Man was that painful. But last night took the cake. I mean it felt like someone had put me on the PIT and I was having the worst back labor ever. Good thing there were only five of them. But that was enough to soak me in sweat and put me into shock.

Good thing my tall son was there and he immediately stepped into action. Boiled water and started slapping hot soaks on my back. That did the trick and stopped the spasms. Needless to say I am a little scared to go to sleep. The biggest bummer is I don't think I will be able to run tomorrow. May still be able to do my long hike Saturday, but very gingerly and taking the bus down instead of running. What a baby back I have!

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