Friday, April 9, 2010

Best Friends

I wrote earlier about holes and how things come along to fill in the holes in our lives that are created when people leave. My daughter left a few weeks ago. My son went back to the States this week. Today I found out that my best expat friend is in ICU in the hospital! That would be Sally for all you that follow her blog abroadincostarica.
She was a student at our school as well as a client as well as a great friend. We can get together and talk about anything and everything and it is awesome. Except now she is really sick and I am praying like crazy and checking on her family daily to make sure the family is hanging in there.

She is so cool that she even unschools her two boys, knows tons about politics, and is big time into nutrition. Oh yeah and she adopted her two boys, another great topic for us. We both got a big laugh when we met the first time. She had not met Rick so like everyone else in Costa Rica she asked if baby was mine. People either asked us that or asked if my hubby was Chinese. I have to admit it can be a bit confusing. Then she went on to tell me how much it pissed her off when people asked her if her boys were "her boys". Yeah she is cool and fun like that.

When she called me Tues. and told me she was sicker than sh%^^$$ I asked if she had been bitten up by mosquitos, thinking maybe it was dengue. She also thought that is why she was sporting a 104 temp for four days. Finally I guess she started coughing yesterday so went in and it was really bad pneumonia. I didn't know it could kick your butt like that, but they put her on a respirator and antibiotics and plan on her being there at least three days. Bigtime praying!

Now I am getting a little worried about what the big surprise waiting around the corner to fill these huge holes that I am having in my life right now. I did take up knitting, but somehow am thinking that is not quite it.

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*Karla* said...

You know Tess and Rick have always looked a bit chinese! There are a lot of china men in Meadow Lake Saskatchewan!!