Monday, April 19, 2010


When we find good places to eat out in Costa Rica I love to share it with the world! I mean I can only think of three that we really have enjoyed, so that is not too much sharing, so this is important.

Jalepenos in Alejuela is the best Mexican food in Costa Rica! The owner lived in New York for 20 years after leaving Columbia and settling in Costa Rica. So the guy really knows how to cook Mexican food. He even uses real cheese and red sauce. He does use the local foods, we all do if we do not want to pay an arm and a leg, but he uses enough authentic Mexican sauces and spices to make it "real".

Spent the day venturing over to the eat out, and joy of joys the used English book store is right around the corner. A great day for sure. Now if we can just knock out the belly bug getting all of us right now it would have been a perfect day. Pretty dang close though.

I almost forgot the bestest part of the day. Finally checked out the new sports store down by the airport. Oh my goodness, I am watering at the mouth for a new bike! I mean to tell you those bikes were beautiful. I think I may have to settle for the really cute Mizuno running shorts I found, more in the budget right now. At least I know where to go when I am ready for my bike.

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