Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sad Garden

Strike one with me little garden here. We totaled two tiny tomatoes, and about 12 spinach leaves, and have one more stunted green tomato. Wow that is just sad. I am just glad it is little, or it would be a really big disaster.

I have planted a bunch of spinach and have three pepper plants trying to survive. We will see how those do. Hubby says that we just do not get enough sun back there with the walls surrounding the yard.

Next plan is to buy pots so that we can move them around with the sun. I saw a really cute idea in Sunset about a "pesto garden". You just get a barrel and plant all the plants you would need for a batch of pesto.

A salsa garden would be perfect also. I would plant a tomato, and some peppers and maybe a couple of green onions. Though my green onions did not even come up when I had them in seed containers, so that may not work here.

The funniest part is we had a hot pepper plant growing in the crack of the sidewalk outside our house. That thing went crazy and we got tons of peppers off of it. Then hubby decided to move it into the backyard to preserve it. It died.

I am almost afraid for hubby to do his tilapia pond. They may not survive in the back yard grave either. We will have to nourish our dirt and see if that helps at all. Another big help will be the fact that the puppy is getting older and ceasing her digging in the dirt.

It will be interesting to see how it goes during the rainy season coming around the corner. I know tomatoes are out of the question as we have always had the mold and it was not even rainy season. Great garden lessons.


Marmee said...

The issue with the spinach may be the heat. Spinach likes it very cool! It stops growing when it gets warm. Do you guys have any sort of winter? If you do, you might try growing spinach during the coolest months.

JandK said...

You husband is right on, not enough sun. They need a minimum of 7 hours to produce fruit. If you go with the pots, make sure you keep up with watering or they will dry out in the heat. Garden Harvest Supply is a good source for hot and sweet pepper plants.