Thursday, April 22, 2010

Health Nut

I love food! And I love healthy food, PREPARED CORRECTLY! I know there is a big movement right now to eat raw. I think food eaten in it's most natural state is the best way to eat it. I also believe though that our bodies are not made to eat raw fruits and vegetables solely. There are so many other foods put here on the earth for our use and thanksgiving. I just believe they were not put here to be ignored.

In my studies of ayurveda I have learned that we are all different constitutions. Being thus we all benefit from eating as well as abstaining from certain foods. There are of course some foods that are not good for anyone or anything. A few of these would be homogenized pasteurized milk, beef, non organic fish or chicken, cheese, and sugar. I guess that pretty much wipes out most if not all junk foods.

In our home we try to eat foods that a)match our dosha and b)taste good.
My hubby is a pure vata. There are a few things he should avoid. The big thing for him is that he cannot have too many raw fruits and vegees. He does better with them slightly steamed or baked. I am pitta-kapha. The things I am supposed to avoid are the sweets as well as the really spicey foods. I don't do too well on that last one but I am trying to get there.

These are little things but I see that they really help us on our road to health. Knock on wood we still have not visited a doctor in the 30 years of marriage.

Of course when we saw an old friend that we had not seen in 15 years he said,"well everyone looks the same but much fatter, except you two because you walk everywhere." Wrong!!! We do walk everywhere but we are also very conscious of our diets and our workouts. All important. If you don't have your health you really do not have anything!

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