Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rainy Season or No?

We have an ongoing argument in our house. Can it be rainy season if the weather gods have not officially declared it thus? I say no hubby says yes. As you can see I am not looking forward to rainy season this year. The reason? I had my swim workout all figured out, without the afternoon rains figured in dang it!

Now I am trying to figure out a schedule that is family friendly, weather friendly, and me friendly. It just is not coming together for me right now. I guess I will have to give it until I get over the stomach flu and by then maybe I will have something figured out to get myself to the pool.

Speaking of stomach flu. I believe that Costa Rica breeds the most potent ugly stomach viruses known to mankind, at least to this mankind! I was telling my daughter that I worked 12 years in my massage business and never got sick or had to cancel an appointment in all those years.

If I was trying to work here, actually I am but it just is not happening :) I would be canceling and rearranging appointments all the time! Just to keep up with my tummy. I have been looking at my prakruti, or my dosha which is pitta, kapha and trying to figure out what I can do to get myself in balance and can't really come up with much.

My daughter gently pointed out to me that no I am not dying, but yes I am slowly falling apart! Bummer! Maybe my warranty was only for like 50 years or something. That would mean I have a lot of bucket list things to fit in in the next few months, better get busy.

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