Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still Safe?

I have always said that we would stay in Costa Rica as long as I felt that my kids were safe. After the past couple of weeks I am rethinking that one. Last night my teenager almost got robbed. It was only nine at night and she was with three guys. They were in our neighborhood which is supposed to be somewhat safe. I just keep tossing this one around. When my 22 year old got robbed I could say it was his fault. In this case they were innocent and doing what they were supposed to be doing. I am worried.

How would I feel if something happened and I had not listened to my gut telling me that it was not safe here? That or I could just make her keep her cell phone at home. The problem these days is robbers do not believe you when you tell them you have no cell phone. Especially if she opened her mouth and they heard her gringa accent. They would think $$$$ and she would be in trouble. Man we are so close to our five year goal, I will have to give this one some real hard thinking and pondering. Gotta protect the girlies!

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