Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh Yeah Beach Time

Last week I declared tomorrow beach day. I have to do that or I can't get anyone to go with me. I also had to remind the girls that the bus goes on the super highway now and the trip is half the time. And the clincher? Milkshakes before we head home. It will be hot in Jaco tomorrow, but the water should be fine.

There is a lot of bad press for Jaco, but for a day trip you can't beat it. Sure it is like a little San Diego or something, but hey just hang out on the beach and a beach is a beach. My daughter found a twenty floating in the water there after all! It can't be all bad.

I do have to admit when you are walking through town the prostitutes and drug dealers and transvestites are a little interesting to say the least. It makes for some awesome people watching to be sure. Hubby was propositioned by a Dominical prostitute there one day. That seems to be the majority there by the way. He just freaked out. Mostly because he was standing right next to me! His reaction was pretty funny though, kind of looked like he saw a ghost or something, poor innocent thing!

When we have guests we always take them to Jaco for a day trip. We do advise them to clear out before night fall, it gets pretty crazy there at night. My son 21 yrs. old lasted about a weekend there and swore he had lost about five years of his life, crazy place like I said.

So up and early and off on another exciting adventure. Maybe next time we will even get hubby to go with us. He is just wrapping up his time in Nicaragua and would not really be interested in more beach time. If I was not soooo pitta I would live on the beach.

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inadvertent farmer said...

Oh my goodness...I think I would have punched her...the nerve!

Here with my weekly reminder of your link party going on over at the kinderGARDENS contest. Anytime between now and next Wednesday you can share any post you have pertaining to gardening with kiddos!

Have a super day, Kim