Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slow Your Flow

I have been emailing back and forth with a friend who worked with hubby at the Post Office. She is frustrated and burnt out. Not surprising when you work for the good ole' P.O. I wrote and told her that I really believed that added years off both our lives, especially hubby's by getting out and moving.

Basically we just slowed our flow. I mean some days it feels as if we may have slowed it a tad too much, but it is preferable to moving along at a thousand miles an hour to nowhere. I was stressed, he was stressed and the whole family suffered.

All for the "security" of the jobs and the house and the cars, oh the cars! We are planning on returning part time to the States while hubby attends school. After talking about it we mapped out our route so that we could live close enough to his school that we would not have to buy a car.

Do you get the feeling we have had some pretty bad experiences with cars? One of these days I will write about that, it is like a book unto itself. Suffice it to say we are much less stressed and happy to have no car at this point and time. And talk about slowing the flow, a sure way to do that.

You should check out this site speaking of slowing down. I have been following the Happy family for awhile. We even entertained the idea of the whole motor home thing, but decided it is not really for us. Maybe we are too old?

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