Saturday, April 3, 2010

Riot Police for Easter

O.K. so we just discovered another really strange tradition here in Costa Rica. While riding home from the grocery store in our taxi we saw several vans of cops in full riot gear in a little barrio or neighborhood close to ours. They were all around the elementary school and the main street. The taxi driver was trying to explain to us what was going on, but we did not really understand it.

Once we got home we had my daughter come out to translate what the heck was going on in town. He told her it was the tradition of "burning the jews". Evidently on Easter eve the teens go crazy and run all over burning everything in sight and call it the "burning of the jews". That sounds pretty messed up to me.

The moral of this story would certainly be not to travel to Costa Rica over Easter if you are Jewish. In fact with a last name like Neumann I believe we will put our big Mormon sign on the gate and keep my hubby with the big snozz in the house tonight.

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