Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It Is Here

I guess I cannot argue anymore, it is rainy season. It clouds up every afternoon and some days it will dump, mostly when we are out, and other days it does not rain. We better head over to Hypermas and pick up some new umbrellas. We did not even have to buy any last year, but this year looks like we may need some.

Hubby will be doing a leave to San Juan del Sur this weekend. We were hoping that we could avoid it and get stamped here with the new $100.00 deal. Alas we figure since they have not really decided on how the law is going to work it will probably not be in working order for another couple of years or so, at least!

So in the meantime we will continue leaving and getting stamped as perpetual tourists. I never really thought I would be a "perpetual tourist". Just not the title I ever gave myself.


inadvertent farmer said...

I could be a perpetual least for a little while!

Feel free to link up today (or anytime until next Thursday) for the kinderGARDENS contest!

You little one is the cool shades! Kim

Roblynn said...
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Roblynn said...

o.k. so I did the link, it was quite easy actually :) It was funny because I asked hubby to help and it was a no brainer, haha.
Yeah Benji is a cutie, he is my youngest grandson, only grandson youngest grandchild.