Saturday, April 17, 2010

Morphing into a Crone

Do you remember the movie "Hulk"? Do you remember when he was morphing into the Hulk he went through all kinds of weird things? Like he always ripped out of his clothes and went a little crazy?

I know that most people call what I am going through "pre-menopause", but I call it morphing into a crone. Actually there is a movement to change the word crone to a positive. All the old ladies in our lives that we were afraid to cross because they would eat us alive with a few words, I am becoming one of them. Not on purpose, just like the Hulk, it is just something that takes over your body.

There are times when things calm down a bit and I look around at the damage around me and wonder what the heck happened? Did I really say those things? Did I really just buy that thing? Did I really just eat all that? It is almost like being pregnant only worse!

Don't get me wrong I have always looked forward to this time in my life. I was really just excited to be done with the whole cycle thing to tell you the truth. But I never realized the price I would have to pay to be done with the cycle thing.

I have never been close to another woman who went through the great morphing. I had moved out of the house by the time my mother experienced it, I do vaguely remember her going a bit nutsy there for awhile, which she denies. In fact did you know that until the fifties the biggest percentage of people in the looney bin were women over fifty? Pretty scary ha?

In the meantime I will try to come to grips with this new body I am morphing into, it is not too different really. I have just added a couple of saddle bags that were never there before. And then there is the really thin skin. Like I tell my daughter who loves to pop zits, be careful don't tear my skin. The only thing I really have any control over at this point is the gray, which I try and keep in check.

The good news is that unlike the hulk I have not been ripping my clothes off, yet!

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