Thursday, June 18, 2009


One of ten hot springs located at Pariaso Arenal Resort where we spent three days for our 30th anniversary. It was beautiful as you can see and they were very hot and full of minerals, good for you.
We arrived at the resort on Tuesday, our anniversary. Today is Thrusday and we returned home to read in the news that the volcano was closed the day we arrived because it was spewing too much rock and junk. You can certainly see it was smoking. So the park was closed until Wed. morning, glad we did not know and could not worry being on the front porch.

Here we are enjoying one of the really hot tubs. The farther up the hill you go the hotter the springs get, that would explain the flushed cheeks, that and the love of course.

Here we are naively watching the volcano blow! I guess it would be a pretty good way to die, in our rocking chairs!

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