Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am a certified massage addict! I really don't know how I lived bm, or before massage. I did not receive my first massage until I was 34, right before I attended massage school. I told hubby I did not need a massage, they were for stressed or injured people. He finally bought me a one half hour upper body massage at the club for mothers day.

I was pretty apprehensive and when I arrived did not really know what to expect. By the time Sharon was done, I still remember her name, I was sold, addicted and a solid believer in massage.

After the massage hubby took me out to dinner and as I was sitting there feeling like a noodle and drooling and spacing out, I told him that if I could make people feel this good it was the job for me.

If any of my current clients or previous clients are reading this they are laughing their heads off. The only part of my massage that feels good is when I get done. I have tried not working deep, believe it is much harder work for me to work deep, but darn it I just feel a very deep need to "fix it". I love to get in there and really feel the muscles and feel them melt and relax.

But back to my addiction. I am already relaxing because I have a massage scheduled for myself for tomorrow morning. The best part is I just passed the 20 mile a week mark for marathon training and man oh man this massage is going to feel so good, in a really painful kind of way that is. You see my friend who I trade with works a lot like me. The good part of that is I can look forward to injury free training for the next three months.

I better get to bed so I can wake up sooner, get my run done and head to the massage table :)

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