Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am a do-it-yourselfer. The problem lies in the point of knowing when to let someone take over. I would just say I am cheap, but don't really like to hear myself described that way. Anyway so I try to do everything myself, or get someone else to do it for a really good deal or trade it out.

In my life this has paid off maybe three times. Three times out of about three million times is not a very good average. Yet I continue relearning this lesson of life.

It is a very good thing we never built a house, or I would probably still be building it myself. My hubby is smart enough to say "no". He does not like to take on things he doesn't like to do, and therefore does not take on things he does not know how, or like to do.

Now me I am the complete opposite. If it is really hard and really demanding, bring it on, I like it even more. Why pay fifty bucks to rent a tiller when you can use a shovel and turn under the five hundred square foot garden yourself? Why pay twenty dollars each for Christmas dresses when you can stay up until three a.m. for a month and do them yourself? Why pay for chopped nuts when you can spend more time and save yourself fifty cents?

You get my drift? So when we started our massage school I just figured we could handle everything ourselves. And to a point we did great. The downfall and struggle came when I finally realized I do not know how to market, don't even know the first thing about it in fact. Well when you are starting a new business that entails bringing people in it is important for them to know about it! OOps!

Last week we hired a marketing consultant. The first document she gave me outlining our goals and how we were going to achieve them made me cry. I have tried for two years to put all these things in words and she wrapped it up in a couple of hours. I guess there is a reason we go to school and charge for a job well done.

Now lets just hope I have learned my lesson and can remember it for the next great project.

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