Thursday, June 11, 2009


We have lived here in Costa Rica for almost three years without a car. I have not had the desire to get one, but the baby is making a fuss. Of course that changes everything verdad? The other day we got ready to ride the bus to her sisters house and she threw a fit. She wanted to get a taxi! Then she asked me when we were going to get a car. I told her we don't need a car, it is just a lot of trouble and I like having someone else drive me around. She did not buy this and is still determined that it is time for us to buy a car.

Now my question is should we really buy a car or should we think about a boat? My hubby loves to go to the beach and fish with the son in law. They would spend many happy hours fishing and maybe even bring home some food, if they got really lucky.

That would make much more sense to me than a car. We can take a taxi or bus anywhere, with a relatively small amount of inconvenience. Having sold four cars when we left the states I am in no hurry to go and purchase another one. If we feel a real need for a car we can rent one for a few days and get our fix of driving around. In fact we will be renting a car next week to go celebrate our 30th anniversary at Arenal.

Without a car we have no worries, except of course getting to the bus in time! Baby drew a picture for school a couple of weeks ago. It was a bus with people on it. In the background was us running to try and catch the bus! Pretty common site to be sure.

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