Monday, June 22, 2009


We are getting ready for our three weeks of summer. Baby gets three weeks off school and it looks like a beach trip waiting to happen for sure. We are all looking forward to some time off of school as well as enjoying some dry weather. It did not rain yesterday and only for a short time today, very nice.

Today was our parent-teacher conference for babies' class. It went well as far as I could tell. Her grade card looks pretty good, considering she is still learning Spanish. It was funny because I was asking her teacher which public school she would recommend for her next year. She said we should think about a private one so she does not lose her English.

That is pretty funny since her mother does not speak Spanish. Other than that when I asked baby before the meeting what she wanted me to ask her teacher she said "ask her about my dancing". Well it is good to know that the language of dance is a universal language and she is doing great in that one! She will be dancing soon for her school and if very excited. Looks like we may be starting dance classes real soon.

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