Saturday, June 20, 2009


Fathers Day has good and bad feelings for me. Good because my kids have a great daddy and they all take good care of their dad on Fathers Day. Not so good because my dad died when I was six years old. My dad never kept a journal or anything so I get out two letters he wrote to his sisters where he mentioned me in one line of each letter!

Of course because of the value of those letters to me I have encouraged my hubby to keep a written history of his life and interactions with the kids. It is hard to believe that anyone will ever hang on every word you say, but it does happen.

When we get together with my brothers and mom we all like to hear stories and things my dad did. I like to hear things he said and did to kind of try and get to know him a little bit. I have few isolated memories of my own, but how would a scrap book or journal be? A good lesson.

In the meantime I wish a happy fathers day to all happy fathers out there. We all know a happy father is a great father!

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