Monday, June 15, 2009


Since today was flag day we had a lesson on the U.S. flag with baby. She proceeded to tell us what all the colors stood for, since she has had the same lesson in school for the C.R. flag, same colors anyway. The biggest thing she could think about was that she is getting a traditional celebration skirt and top to do her dance in.

She will be dancing at the Parque of Diversions with the other kids in her school. The most important part of course is the new outfit, always about the outfit. Her teacher was trying to explain the whole thing to hubby, but we are sending the big sis tomorrow to translate for us.

The end result was she got to learn about the U.S. flag and the pledge and the National Anthem. We will have to keep working on these. She has aactually learned the first part of the C.R. anthem which is super long, I mean really long. So she can sing the C.R. national anthem, in Spanish no less, and I have to work to teach her ours in English!

I think it is important, especially since we live abroad to teach our children patriotism. There are many things to love about the U.S. and people to appreciate for their sacrifices to provide us our freedoms, which are quickly fading. I would challenge all to make sure they know the history and facts of our country.

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