Friday, June 5, 2009


My grandson it just the cutest one year old in the whole world! I can actually say the cutest boy in the whole world since I only have one grandson! Here he is trying to get the camera from Grandma. he thinks he should get anything and everything he wants, and we usually oblige him. Just because he is so darn cute and sweet.
Here Mr. Guapo is making ojitos at me to try another method of getting the camera from me. If the fit does not work on Grandma maybe the ojitos will work. You gotta admit they are pretty cute.
We spent the afternoon shopping at the mall for babies birthday presents. I bought him tools, because he loves getting into his daddys' so much. I just looked at the box and it says not to let anyone under three play with it! I guess we will have to take some of the small parts away.
Tomorrow is also a bridal shower for a friend of ours. She is 19 and has been seeing her boyfriend for five years. He is 35. They met because he was her teacher in high school. Sounds strange, ok probably is strange, but here completely acceptable.
They will be getting married and then attending the temple. In Costa Rica you have to be married by a lawyer, so the marriages are done outside the temple and then you get sealed in the temple. She is just happy they both have good jobs and a house.
Here the sons live at home, as her fiance has, until they get married, whatever age that may be. It is important to them to have a house and car before they get married, and that can take a few years sometimes. They do seem very patient about that. We are just happy for them and look forward to celebrating with them!

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