Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We went over to my daughters house today to entertain the grandkids and help her study for midterms this week. She made a big mistake and decided to do her online classes for the summer in six weeks instead of twelve. That would be o.k. if she was not already doing half time at another school, and taking biology and math. She is busy to say the least.

Hubby worked with her and helped her organize her notes and figure out a plan of attack. She was feeling a little more optomistic when we left. Then there were the kids. The baby is cutting three top teeth and not a happy camper. Loca lion is in the middle of hand foot and mouth disease, as far as we can tell. She woke up with blisters on her mouth and her palms and feet. Poor thing.

Oh and forgot to mention that my daughter has friends coming to hang out in Costa Rica for ten days tomorrow! Needless to say she is feeling somewhat overwhelmed and ready to run somewhere and hide.

Don't know that we helped much, but at least she knows someone is aware of what she is going through, and we do sympathise quite a bit. When it rains it pours, especially in Costa Rica!

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