Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Did you know it is very expensive to go to college these days? I have finally figured out that the very rich have no need for college, the poor get it paid for and us middle classers are just screwed.

Several of my sons are trying to find a way to pay for college. They all work and try very hard to survive and would like to have some kind of future job that would actually support a family. It is very difficult for them to do.

We have tried with them to explore all options of obtaining an education that would provide a good job for them. They have even checked with the military, and thank goodness found that would not work for them. They thought they would not have to shoot anyone and were not happy to find out they might have to.

At any rate I really don't see much improvement with the new presidency as far as helping everyone that desires it a college education. I think they needed to be minorities, oh well.

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