Monday, May 11, 2009


"God does not have borders". That was a friends reply when we were discussing the great move to remove the "illegals" from our USA. I had to agree with her and she and I continued to share horror stories about families ripped apart and people even killed all in the name of cleansing the nation.
A couple of days I picked up a novel at the airport to read on my flight to visit family in Texas. It started out pretty slow but has picked up and is a pretty good read. The part that chilled me and made me stop and think I will quote below. The guy telling the story was a Jewish fellow who had survived the holocaust.
"We as a people underestimated the power of propaganda and hate. There was a worldwide depression, jobs were scarce. In order to rise to power, the Nazis needed someone to blame it on-a scapegoat. And the Jews were convenient as they always had been.
Jews who stopped good Aryan men from being able to put bread on the table for their families. Convince a man that someone is attacking his family, and he will gladly break the windows of that man's business and his home..... and then it is not such a far leap to break his bones and smash his teeth".
Does that sound familiar to you? It sure did to me. I have seen a family torn apart by this very thinking, my daughters family to be exact. Maybe I am a bit of an idealist, but I still believe we are all brothers and sisters, no matter what nationality or color.
I guess being back in the states for a visit brings it all back to me.

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