Friday, May 15, 2009


Noooo don't stir it yet!!!! This is the perfect example of a hyper grandma working with her hyper grand daughter! Poor little thing brought home a note from her preschool teacher. Apparently she is not "listening".
Well being her grandma I am inclined to believe they are not explaining themselves well enough. You have to remember here her first language is not Spanish and cut the kid some slack. Of course there is the point my daughter brings up that she does not listen in English either. Poo poo!
Now we are all tossing around the adhd thing and looking at her every move under a microscope. And the good news is after all the serious studies of her behavior I just declare her very much like her grandma!
There is nothing wrong with that, I spent my whole dang elementary school years with my head down on my desk for talking and causing trouble. Hard to believe for those who know me, but true.
The fact of the matter is if they had known then what they know now how many of us would have been medicated? Except my hubby of course who was medicated, before it was even fashionable. I did not even know they mad ritlan that long ago or maybe he was one of the test subjects!
At any rate we really don't have to worry for a few more years, until she is flunking all of her classes and getting into trouble or something worth worrying about!

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Anonymous said...

That's so funny! I see that stubborn look on both of your faces and I think that you hit the nail on the head. Now I realize why I got a bloody nose. Give Breyssi just a few more years and she may end up with more than that! lol lol lol