Monday, May 4, 2009


Easy to see why I could get homesick for Costa Rica. The desert has its own beauty, but it is not the one in my blood for sure. I am just aching for a little humidity. Not only that of course, I certainly miss my family I left behind.
Everytime I talk to baby she gets all whiny. I think it will be awhile before she lets me out of her site once I get home. I have never left her before and it has been difficult for her and I to be apart.
Then of course I get a call from the teen wanting me to come home now because she is not feeling good and is sure she has swine flu! That and of course all the drama that goes with being 15.
The hubby I have to tell "call me" and then maybe he sort of, kind of , a little bit misses me. Or maybe just at meal time when he has to think of another way to fix beans and rice. It was pretty funny because when we talked yesterday we had eaten the exact same dinners. Great minds think alike.
Of course I trained my kids early that Sundays are bean days. Most days are bean days these day, but for sure Sundays. Usually it was taco salad with beans, but sometimes bean tacos. I love, love, love, love bean tacos. They are in a complete food group all their own.
The problem was I had bean tacos with pintos. I used to love pintos, missed them terribly when we moved South, but now I would kill for a pot of black beans! About time to head South.

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