Monday, May 25, 2009


Here is a shout out to all those who have fought for our countries freedoms. Our freedoms have been hard won and definately worth fighting to save. My inmate son has made the comment that having been incarcerated he can understand what drives people to go defend the freedoms of others. He would be willing to fight to keep anyone from going through what he has been through.
Maybe we have had it made for so long we have begun to take our freedoms for granted and do not realize what we have. I believe that before too long we will wake up and wish we would have been more cognizant of our freedoms and worked harder to protect them from those who would want to take them away.
There is a movement to take the rights of parents and give them to the govt. In the case of the boy who the docs have decided needs chemo. The govt now knows more than the parents and therefore can require people to have medical procedures that go against their beliefs.
I have a feeling the next step will be forcing parents to get their kids immunizations. We have always gone through all the hoops with our kids to keep them from having to get immunizations because we feel they are not all they are touted to be in fact downright dangerous.
Because of this we are in the habit of always asking for a consent form anytime we sign the kids up for school or anything else. I have a feeling the days of offering these is numbered. I am really glad that most of my kids are grown up and I sure feel for those raising young kids in this climate, going to be a land mine for sure.

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